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At Mississippi Latinx Art Association, we believe in promoting the unique and diverse art of the Latin community in Mississippi. Our artist collective provides a platform for Latin artists to showcase their artwork and connect with art enthusiasts. We are committed to building a community that celebrates the rich culture and talent of Latin artists in Mississippi. Join us in supporting and promoting Latin art in our community.

If you would like to be part of MLAA's community, please send us an email at

Nosotros en el "Mississippi Latinx Art Association" queremos proveer una plataforma en la cual artistas latinos puedan demostrar su arte, y conectar con otros artistas latinos de la comunidad.  Queremos ayudar en crear una comunidad que celebra nuestra riquísima cultura Latina en Mississippi. 

Si quieres ser parte de esto y ser parte de nuestra comunidad, envíanos un mensaje a

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