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We have an exciting lineup of events planned for the coming months, including art exhibitions, workshops, and community outreach programs. Stay tuned for updates and join us in celebrating the creativity and diversity of the Latinx art community in Mississippi.

Tenemos planeado una serie de eventos en los próximos meses, que estarán celebrando la cultura Latina en Mississippi.  Esto incluirá  exhibiciones de arte y talleres. Regresa a ésta página a menudo para más información.

Upcoming Events
  • 05/09/24 - Spirit Dolls Workshop
    5:30PM to 7:30PM @ Nuestro Arte
    100 W 4th St, Ste 30, Hattiesburg MS 39401
    Tickets and More Info


  • 05/18/24 - Workshop - More info to come

  • 05/23/24 - Coconut Mask Workshop
    5:30PM to 7:30PM @ Nuestro Arte
    100 W 4th St, Ste 30, Hattiesburg MS 39401
    Tickets and More Info 


  • 06/01/24 - 8" x 8" Exhibition and Sale
    10am to 6pm @ The Walnut Room
    150 Walnut Circle, Hattiesburg MS 39401
    Free and Open to the Public

  • 06/04/24 - Milagros Workshop
    5pm to 7pm at University Baptist Church / Kitchings Hall
    3200 Arlington Loop, Hattiesburg, MS 39401
    Tickets and More Info

    Check back for June Workshops!

More information to come

Milagros Workshop.png


Date:  June 4th, 5 - 7 pm

Location:  University Baptist Church, 3200 W. Arlington Loop, Hattiesburg


This workshop is a creative exploration that invites participants to delve into the rich tapestry of Mexican folk traditions. Participants will be working with wooden crosses, hearts, and hands – all iconic symbols within Mexican culture. This hands-on experience promises a unique blend of artistic expression and cultural immersion.


Miracles Workshop:  Decorating Heart, Crosses, and Hands

Taller de Milagros:  Decorando Corazones, Crucifijos, y Manos



During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to decorate these symbolic objects using an array of charms traditionally regarded as "milagros" or miracles in Mexico. These small, intricately crafted charms carry symbolic significance, often representing prayers,gratitude, or requests for divine intervention. The process of adorning the wooden crosses,hearts, and hands with these charms becomes a personal and communal act of storytelling,weaving together elements of faith, culture, and individual narratives.

The workshop aims to foster a sense of community, as participants share their stories and

interpretations through the art they create, offering both a glimpse into Mexican traditions and the opportunity to craft meaningful, personalized artworks.

Past Events

Dia de los Muertos Celebration

Main Street Gallery


IMG_9631 2.JPG

My Faith, My Scars and Religion

an Exhibition

September 2nd - October 31st, 2023

A deep and meaningful art exhibit, exploring the meaning and effects of religion in our lives.

My Faith, My Scars....png
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